Double Weave Chain

Handmade 21k Gold, Double Weave Chain

Made to Order (Price upon request)

Rainbow Sapphire Necklace

18k gold and rainbow sapphires


Two Face Pendant

18k Yellow Gold


Acorn Pendant

18k Yellow Gold


Geo Frame Pendant

18k Gold, Aquamarine or Mother of Pearl


A horse in every letter

18k Yellow Gold


Woman Hugging Man Pendant

18k Yellow Gold on Lapis Lazuli


Venus Pendant

Natural Solid Coral wrapped in 24k Yellow Gold


Pearl Sail Pendant

21k Yellow Gold and little Natural Pearls


Tourmaline Drop Pendant

18k Yellow Gold, Green Tourmaline


Unicorn Pendant

18k Yellow Gold


Lady Love Pendant

18k Yellow Gold


Turquoise Heart Pendant

24k Yellow Gold with Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Heart


Owl Pendant

18k Yellow Gold, Moon Stone and Black Diamonds


Guardian Arrow Pendants

24k Gold with Oxidized Silver